I'd like to thank you for all your feedback and advice. I bought a pair of Dynaudio Audience 60s from audiogon, realizing there is risk involved, but a great savings too. I am amazed they were not sold yet, even with the blemishes underneath. See link below. I have not auditioned the 60, but my understanding is they sound very similar to the 62, so I doubt I will be disappointed if they arrive intact. Though worst case, they are insured in the shipping.
Here they are: http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls...full&1082597411

some notes leading up to my purchase…

I finally got over to my nearest Dynaudio dealer to hear the Audience 62. After listening to the Vienna Bach ($1050 tweeter clearance) and then last week the Totem Staff ($1200 display) and I was prepared to stretch a little on the $$ as the sound of the under $1K speakers was seemingly mid-fi in comparison. For example the $995 Monitor audio silver floorstander (not sure of model, but 2 6" woofers) lost in every category to these except bass extension, but they were bloated and boomy. Well the Dynes offered the most bass of the 3 (I don't use a sub), and sounded just as wonderful everywhere else...in particular, vocals from Natalie Merchant's Tigerlilly were rendered better than I have heard in this price range. The speakers just disappear into a huge soundstage, and no bass bloat or boxiness to speak of. The downside is no veneer like the Vienna & Totem, I guess the money went to the drivers. The cabinet does however seem extremely well made and solid; the finish is the best non-wood I have seen.

Final thoughts on my auditions-
If your shopping a floorstander, I highly advise stepping up to the $1k range. If you like a natural, uncolored, detailed, audiophile sound, with good bass (but never boomy) and a large involving soundstage..do yourself a favor and listen to Dynaudio Audience 62, Totem Staff and Vienna Acoustics Bach (on clearance at all Tweeter stores). These are a downright steal when you look at how good they sound compared to the pricier stuff like Sonus Faber…for not much more than the pricey circuit city stuff. I highly recommend all three, they moved me.

For $600 - $800 (and $800 is a stretch as your sooooo close to the others) I did like the Energy C5 & Kef Q5 a lot. They will do very well in a home theater / music setup.