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Thread: Tweeter horns

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    Tweeter horns

    Does it make the highs twice or more better if speakers had horns on the tweeters.

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    no it does not - good horn loaded speakers and not so good ones. Horns have advantages and disadvantages - the latter tends me to stay away from horns - but then other kinds of designs would have me staying away even more.

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    No, the only way to make your tweeters sound twice as good is to add another set wired in parallel. The more tweeters you have the better it will sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpankingVanillaice
    Does it make the highs twice or more better if speakers had horns on the tweeters.
    It does not make them better at all, it makes the tweeter more efficient and controls dispersion and that is it.
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    Better fix the crossover if you add drivers in parallel. Or add three, 2 in series 2 in parallel (you already had one). That keeps the impedance the same.

    Now all you've got to do is mount them so there is no diffraction problem, a whole new speaker cabinet should do it. 'Course there will be problems in matching levels as the four tweeters will be more efficient and put out more accoustic energy. So re-design of the crossover is still needed.

    Lets see everything is different, we just built a new cabinet a new crossover or a whole new speaker. Damn I thought this stuff was easy and the people that designed my original speaker were just too stupid to get it right.

    Sorry I don't mean to make fun, but most products are close to right at a given price point. If you are going to mess with it, get the tools and the knowlege to make the effort worthwile.

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