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    Trouble with Athena AS-F2

    I just bought a brand new system( athena AS-F2 towers, Athena center) and pushing them with a yamaha 5750. My problem is when i play music i get a knocking noise. I still have bass its just a knocking noise that plays over the music. I'm currently still in the break in period and not sure if I just need to break in the speakers or if I wired them out of phase. It could aslo be a problem just with my dvd player and the cd's I've been using. Anyone have any thoughts on what could be wrong?


    P/S its a philips dvd player and I'm using a monster coxial cable for the audio.

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    Do you get the knocking at all volumes or just at loud levels.

    Connecting wires you want to make sure the wire is connected black to black and red to red from wire to amp - some wires are tougher to see as one is simply slightly darker than the other - try and use speaker wires with banana connectors because they're idiot proof - which is why I use them.

    Make sure you're listening in 2 channel mode - some surround modes do stupid things to the sound.

    Make sure the speakers are firmly positioned on the floor. These were big boxing day speakers in my town so it is also unfortunately possible that these speakers were dropped (if you bought them recently) by these stores - even in their crates woofers could be out of whack. If so return them for repair or exchange.

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    First question is whether this knocking occurs on all three speakers or just on one of them. Doubt that all three speakers would have the same defect. And does this occur with all music, or just with a particular CD? Also, does it occur using both the digital and analog connections? You need to know all this in order to figure out if it's a speaker issue or something to do with the receiver.

    The only sound I've ever heard on my system that sounded like knocking was when my subwoofer bottomed out during a really loud passage. Because your speakers are ported, the only sounds that can bottom out the woofer audibly are the loud ones that go well below the tuned frequency.

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