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    Surround Speakers

    Should I use "bi-polar" surround speakers or bookshelf speakers for my surround R & L speakers, if I like to listen to multi-channel music more than DD or DTS movies. I presently have the CSW surround 5.1 speakers hooked up but was thinking of replacing them with a used pair of Sound Dynamics SS-1 bookself speakers.

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    I think this is a personal preference. I use direct radiating speakers for my surround channels and am happy.

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    According to most hometheater and stereophile experts: you should use the bi-pole surrounds for DD and DTS video dvd's , and direct-radiating surround speakers for SACD and DVD-Audio disks.

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    I used the CSW S300 surrounds. They are switchable between dipole/monopole/bipole. I usually keep them set in the bipole setting. This seems to work the best for everthing, although I rarely use it for audio besides concert DVD's.

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