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    Spendor ''E'' Series

    Has anyone out there heard the new Spendor e series? I've been told there really good and they seem to be reasonably priced for a floor stander. I heard that they throw a really big sound for a two and a half way speaker,


    Also I've been meaning to say a heartfelt thanks to all those who pitched in on the " I wanna Rock'' series. I still haven't decided on a speaker. But I know with patience I will.

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    Are you in England or Europe?

    I would post this exact message on audioasylum as Spendor is discusses moreso than here. Also some of the British forums I frequent have more discussion on British Brands.

    On Audio Asylum there is a fellow by the name of Jack Gribble who has a lot of experience and owns Spendor speakers. He seems to have a similar ear to mine as a big fan of Audio Note speakers as well - which makes me also want to hear some Spendors. Unfortunately Spendor is not available in my area YET so I can't help you directly - I do know that "supposedly" some Spendors are much better than other Spendors according to their supporters - some people are less a fan of 2.5way designs - but I have enjoyed some 2.5 ways so who knows.

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