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    Which Speaker Stands for NHT Super Ones

    Any ideas for good, relatively tall speaker stands between $50-$100?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eighthcircuit
    Any ideas for good, relatively tall speaker stands between $50-$100?
    Check and look under speaker stand .Hope it helps.Pat.P

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    Right now i'm stuck between two different stands. The first is a Sanus NF30 (which retails at about $90) that i can ge on ebay for really cheap (the total price including shipping will almost defintely not go over $40). It's made out of wood and cannot be filled with sand or anything else. Also, the top plate is only 6" x 6" while my NHT' Super One bases are 7.25" x 8.5". On the up side I like the fact that it is 30" rather than 24". Here's a link from crutchfield that describes this stand:

    The other stand is of obviously better quality, it's the Parts Express 24" HIGH MASS METAL SPEAKER STAND ($113). Here's the site: It's a very good deal for a great stand but it will be almost triple the price of the Sanus NF30.

    Will there really be a significant audible difference between these stands? I find it very difficult to pay over half the price I paid for my speakers just for stands. I may be ignorant about the importance of stands so let me know. By the way, my listening circumstances aren't the greatest either. It's a bedroom with my listing position only about 5 feet (at best) back from where the speakers will be. Right now my speakers are just sitting on my desk (only about 2 feet apart) with my computer monitor in between. Which stands should i get?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eighthcircuit
    Any ideas for good, relatively tall speaker stands between $50-$100?
    I use a pair of Sanus Euro stands for my NHT SuperOnes. They are 24 inches tall and work well while I am seated on my loveseat. The platforms are smaller than the speakers but not by much and I use a tacky substance to keep the speaker in place. I have been pleased with the looks and the sound on the stands or should I say the stands do not add anything to the speakers audibly.
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