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    Speaker Inquiry

    I've recently bought an amplifier for my home karaoke setup. I'm planning to pair it with a two-way or a three-way speaker. Can somebody explain to me the difference of these type of speakers? Since I will be using them only for my karaoke, which you think will produce better sound quality. Is it the two-way or the three-way speakers?

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    The number of speakers in the enclosure should be the least of your concerns. There are good and bad examples of both two way and three way speakers.

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    For your application you'll probably want something more toward a PA or Pro sound speaker which are typically 2-way, a low frequency driver and a horn for mids & highs. Also typically high efficiency, shown in the specs as "SPL".

    2-way or 3-way or higher is how many times the frequency range is divided, the more times divided the more complex the crossover should be. As stated good and bad applications in both types and there are opinions both ways which is better, you even have those who prefer a single driver.

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