I came across this new line at a local Tweeter store. Does anyone know how long they have been in business? Check out:


It is apparently a startup between Tom DeVesto of Cambridge Sound Works and Cary Christie of Infinity. Their speakers are really efficient (93 db) and have a bright midrange. The larger speakers have a tight bass as well. I am considering them as an replacement for my old Mission 707's and Infinity RS sub. I love the Missions, and they still sound great to me, but it doesn't seem wise to build a home theater system around 18 yr old speakers. I wish I could find some Missions to try in the states, but it seems they are still trying to re-establish themselves after Denon dropped their line.

Any info on Sapphire would be helpful. I just want to know how long they have been around, and if they look like they will make it. I don't want to buy something I can't get service or parts for in the future.

Thanks for the help.