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    RS150 + MDT20 *PIC* Update

    I stood all I could stand and could stand no more so I put one together for a listen. I'm grinning from ear to ear. Now that I've heard it, I can honestly recommend this xover and drivers without hesitation. I wrote a little piece over at PE if you care to read or here is the direct link. I know you've been waiting Ken. This is a killer design and sounds just marvelous. I'm grinning from ear to ear.
    Very nice sound and not harsh at all. Just fantastic sounding.

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    Hmm...very interesting...I will await your comments on "stereo playback", since this is really how you listen to speakers.

    It sure looks promising though, and the drivers are highly touted.
    Got a total cost estimate? I'm debating Wayne J's Eros or the D'Appolito's Thor T-Line for a next project, but in the meantime I was thinking of the DIII's or something small and fun...this could be it.
    I'd like the F3 to be at least 60Hz, so Paul, I might have to modify your design a bit and go with either a slightly larger cabinet or a ported box...hmm.

    Keep us updated.

    P.S. Wrong forum Paul Mr. Moderator...could you please redirect this? Thanks.

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    You don't want these then....

    These are for critical listening up close. You need a ported design such as LouCs cryolites. I'm sure you know his page. GL and HF

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