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    Unhappy Question for RGA

    Hi RGA

    In the post below about speaker longevity, you said "B&W uses Kevlar but I understand their life is not what one would expect either".

    I would be most grateful if you would elucidate. I am about to go on the hunt for speakers, and the B&Ws are on my short list to audition. As I want a product which will last a long time, is there something I should know about the B&W's longevity?

    Yours, or any other forum member's advice would be much appreciated. I will, of course, buy a speaker for its sound, but if there are reliability questions I would give it a miss.



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    I don't know much about the life of B&W but I am offering a suggestion of what to check out if it isn't already on your list. I have been installing a lot of Jamo stuff lately and it has been very impressive. Also I am a huge fan of dynaudio, but the experience I have with them is only in the studio.

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    There is no problem with B&W...the post below was meant to say that there is no advantage of going with Kevlar over say paper. They will not last any longer. It sounded like I was knocking them but that was my bad.

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    Thanks for your replies.

    Much appreciated.

    Dynaudio is already on my list, but I'm always ready to consider other contenders before I buy, especially since I am not in a hurry.

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