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Thread: please answer

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    please answer

    I want to know what peep think about this so please answer the question.
    JBL Rocks!!!

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    who cares. Why don't you take the grills off your S26's and see if it sounds better. Plus I think you're the only one with these speakers that posts on this website.

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    I prefer not to have jbl's period!

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    do you have kids? do you have animals? are you lazy whenit comes to cleaning and dusting? are you asking from a sound aspect or esthetic aspect?

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    Most peep would listen for themselves and make up their own mind.

    If you can't tell the difference without taking a vote, then it doesn't matter, does it?

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    JBL rocks what? nt.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darcher84
    I want to know what peep think about this so please answer the question.
    Remember, different isn't always better, but it is different.
    Keep things as simple as possible, but not too simple.
    Let your ears decide for you!

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    Cool JBL is the King

    What do you want to measure by?

    Number of years of success in the speaker design/manufacturing/sales business?

    Breadth of product line?

    Global distribution?

    Percentage of use in concert halls, theaters, recording studios?

    Professional musician deployment?

    Innovations and patents in speaker/diaphragm/transducer/crossover/enclosure/baffle technology?

    Sales volume year-to-year world wide?

    Professional home theater installation systems (Synthesis)?

    Brute power handling? Sonic clarity? Visceral impact? Unmatched highs? (K2)

    The JBL product line has something for everyone, and while that's no reason to just go out and buy a JBL product, it is a good reason to consider the complete line of products before writing it off or dumping on it.

    I believe in "David beats Goliath" stories, and I'm continuously looking/listening for the David that takes JBL down. There are a lot of terrific speakers out there, and in a specific segment, you can certainly make an argument that this or that product beats the JBL entry in that market segment. But in the price segments that I'm able to shop in (up to $20,000), I rarely see/hear any contenders that test JBL's products.

    Yes, I've heard the Martin-Logan, Magnepan, Klipsh, Sonus Faber, Athena, Boston, etc. etc. lines from top to bottom, and there are many glorious speakers there. I wouldn't say a bad thing about any of them, except, I prefer the comparable price segment JBL speakers to any of them.

    So Darcher84, good choice on your speakers. I sometimes take the grilles off my Performance Series speakers so I can marvel at the soft, golden glow of the pure titanium drivers and the patented Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal Waveguides (WTF is that, huh?) and the domeless drivers, the gold-plated hardware, etc. And I love to watch the 14" driver work and push sound out of those twin patented Freeflow front facing ports. It looks cool. Sounds great, too.

    Then when my grandson or my Dad come oves over, the grills go back on to prevent the predictable touching and tapping of the drivers that would follow if I left either of them alone in the room.

    I like what the Jefferson Airplane said in '69: "F**k 'em; we do what we want." So should you. So should all of us.
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    JBL are good

    JBL are good speakers in fact i love them. But don't forget about Polk speakers. These speakers generally have a very high db rating and their sound is up there with JBL if not better in some cases.

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    Talking I've gotta ask.....

    could you please list your system....
    could I come listen to it?
    could you PRETTY PLEASE loan me some $$$ to upgrade? LOL
    Some day.....if I hit the lottery....
    "....all my friends are junkies...are you monkey too?" -
    The Rolling Stones

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