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    NAD c740 or DENON dra685

    My system is modest compared to most on here,Im trying to get the best two channel system for my money,I have a new Denon dra685,its better than the Onkyo tx8511 that it replced,but Im not sure if I should give an NAD c740 a try,what do you guys think?I have for speakers, Boston Acoustics vr950 and a Veladyne vx10 sub.I had an NAD receiver back in the middle 80's and it was awsome especially for 21 watts rms,any feedback will really be appreciated.

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    NAD sure gives you a big bang for your buck. Once a nad owner its difficult not to consider it again.
    Denon make good receivers too so if you like the denon..stick with it....give the nad a hearing and if you prefer the nad...swap it :-) Being a nad owner I am partial towrds it.

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    If this was a pre-purchase question, it would be a lot easier to answer.

    I'm a NAD owner, too but did you say the Denon is new? Are you planning to get full credit for it? If not, then I'd say be careful about this.

    I don't know if there will be that startling a difference if you are trading up and taking the financial hit.

    About the only realistic advice I can offer is to say try it and see if it's worth the $$.

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