Hi Fellas,

This is my first post and have toured the site. I recently saw the Black Diamond speakers and fell in love with the look of the speakers. For me the sound is important but a close second is how the speakers will look in my loft.

As I have not had a chance to listen to the black diamond speakers and am a newbie to the high-end equipment (albeit just a lot of reading and visits to electronic stores), I was wondering if any of you have read professional ratings on these speakers or know of the Company's reputation. The price point $1,000 per/pair is attractive to me and my sense is that the company is really known for their subs. Any info is highly appreciated.

I am also looking at KEF's XQ series as well (but they are more expensive).

I have a loft with about 900 square feet and 20 foot ceilings. Would like music to fill the space.

Thanks in advance.