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    Paradigm, Wharfedale or HSU Venturri?

    I'm upgrading to a 6.1 Surround system and looking for new speakers.
    I've had Paradigm Titans for 6 years, with a CC-170 center, Sony Sub and Advent surrounds on a 5.1 system I will move to another room.
    I've always been pleased w/ Paradigms, and living where I do, not that many choices in my price range to audition from. My "upgrade" will still be an entry/intermediate system (due to budget and room size).For the money, has anyone heard the HSU system? I know that their subs get constantly good reviews. What about Wharfedale compared to Paradigm? I'm leaning towards the HSU system because of the price break you get when you purchase one of their subs....
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