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    Cool Paradigm Monitor V3 vs. Studio V3.

    Has anyone done extensive demoing and comparing of the monitor and studio V3 series speakers? Is the studio series a significant improvement and worth almost double the cost. If so which areas are noticeable? Thanks.

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    Only you can make the final assessment on whether it's worth double the price. In my decision a couple of years ago between the v.2 versions, the Studio series was worth the extra money. Both series made strides with the v.3 series, and IMO the Studio series has made the bigger improvement. In general, the differences between the Monitor and Studio series is that the Studio series is more refined in the highs and lows with a better balanced sound overall. The Studio series also has a noticeable edge in the imaging quality and the perceived size of the front soundstage with two channel sources. The Monitor series is no slouch, and for its price range, I found the midrange very even keeled and accurate with no noticeable blaring. In general, the Monitor series plays louder and is more forward sounding with a more punch in the bass and boost in the highs. If that's the type of sound you're into, then you might like the Monitors better. The only area where I'd say that the Monitor falls short is with the audible cabinet resonance that's noticeable with some of the floorstanding models.

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