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    newbie getting started

    I ran into a web site called ORB
    They make allot of sense in regard to what they have to offer in a speaker.
    It sounds pretty darn good to me and I'm about ready to fork out some $$$
    I noticed they have a advertisement link on this site.
    I'm not one to fork out hard earned cash very easy and that is the reason I signed up on this forum. I did try and do a search w/o any results. Was hoping maybe one of you
    sound fanatics could lend me some info on their product line.
    Thank you

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    My absolute best advice from me to you is to go and listen to a pair yourself. Also listen to ESL, ML, Quad and Magnepan
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    The few things I have read on Orb seem to give them good marks BUT, I would definitely go out and listen to them and others as well. There are a lot of speakers companies out there that make great speakers.

    Personally, I have never felt very small speakers are able to produce full and dynamic sound like larger speakers. Of course, if the feature of most importance to you is size, then these may be a good choice.


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    THERE ALOT TO CONSIDER ARE THESE SPEAKER FOR MUSIC( AND WHAT KIND DO YOU LISTEN ) OR FOR MOVIES!SOME SPEAKER ARE BETTER FOR MUSIC THAN OTHER ! I bought the DAHLQUIST TOWERS because they sounded better for the music compare to the Paradigm ! I agree you should audition more than 1 manufacturer ,you dont do this on web ! YOUR EARS WILL TELL YOU AND BRING YOUR OWN MUSIC TO TRY THEM!!!!! PAT.P

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