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    Site Newbie

    ROFL - this is the third major overhaul I've seen this place go through.

    This place is nearing MJ's "Reconstruction" record.

    Site Newbie - LOL!!!!

    The changes definitely appear to be for the better.

    Bravo to the administrators!!!!

    Too bad it necessitated a full "Brain Dump" of the past......after sifting out the trolls and flame wars, there was a lot of good information lost.....especially in the DIY forum.

    Cheers to the new regime!!!!

    (I want my stripes back)

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    There he is! Back in force!

    Good to hear from ya man! MJ's Reconstruction.. I like that. Looking forward to kickin it with you again(at the DIY)

    Site Newbie... Consider it being born again! LOL (picturing your face on a babies body holding a glass of wine and a cigar)

    I'm slowly getting use to the new changes and options but will probably act stupid for a while longer before I get it down.

    Here's to getting your stripes back and getting my stars soon!
    Karl K.

    The shortest distance between two points is a straight line... in the opposite direction.

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