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    New Price for Behringer Feedback Destroyer

    I also posted this in the HT section.

    It can be had at PE for $99.99. Part number 248-656.

    Below is a link for a new destroyer coming soon.

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    Great info, thanx for the heads up.

    Looked up the link for the new updated BFD (available 2nd quarter). It looks like they expanded the feature set for feedback attenuation, and went to faster 96/24 DACs. But, none of the new features add to the functionality of the BFD as a subwoofer equalizer (unless the performance refinements also reduce the delay time that the BFD adds to the signal path, in which case that would be a notable improvement). The new model will have 40 EQ channels, instead of 24, but 24 channels is already overkill for equalizing a subwoofer.

    Unfortunately, this new model also carries a list price of $200, which a whopping $80 increase over the previous model. Obviously, they caught on that the BFD is way underpriced for what it delivers as a subwoofer equalizer. (especially since they charge $300 for their dedicated equalizers)

    Moral of the story, if anybody's looking to buy a subwoofer in the next few months, get one of the discontinued BFD models while you still can, even if you have not yet decided which subwoofer to buy. The BFD provides the same room correction benefits to any subwoofer that you go with. There are other parametric EQs out there that work just as well and are simpler to use, but they also cost a lot more. You can either pay $100 now, or pay $200 for the exact same functionality later.

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