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    Need some speaker advice

    Good afternoon. I am new to the whole high end audio world hence why I am probably going to ask some stupid questions.
    I just purchased a McIntosh MC2505 amp and a McIntosh C26 preamp and now am shopping for some speakers. So far I have found a pair of McIntosh XR5 speakers listed at $650.00 for the set also have an option of Mc XR1051 for $850.00 and last a set of Klipsch Heresy that are the 1st version I think listed for $1100.00. Do yall think any of the above options are a good match? My room I will be putting this in is kinda long and narrow (say about 15 X 30 ) with the speakers facing me from the narrow direction. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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    Polk Audio or Klipsch Fortes would be a good choice.

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    McIntosh is great gear, but don't think their speakers match well with the same equipment. Speakers are so unique sounding. Do yourself a favor and go listen to different brands and sizes. Staying with similar components work well, but doesn't extend to gear-speakers.

    Also, for $1100 for old speakers is too much. Technology has come a long way. Expand your search and let us know what you decide.

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    Any of those would be a good fit for your set up Blaze. Just be sure to not overlook the installation as the speaker placement is just as, if not more, important than the speaker quality. TV Wall Mount

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