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    Need Some Input For A Sub

    I have been reading alot on this site and have a few questions. my main system is soon to be gone and am downsizing. everything now comes off a HK AVR I35 reciever that works great for my needs. had a buddy from montreal build me a theater system incorporating 2 - 5 1/4 peerless drivers and a nht tweet in my mains in an mtm cabinet. for my rears i have one peerless 5 1/4 driver with 2 nht tweets in each cabinet.
    this system is one of the nicest sounding i have heard in quite a while. my question is i want to incorporate a sub or a couple of subs but i want something on the small side. maybe an 8" or so. im good at wood working and would beable to do a kit if need be but havent seen anything in a small kit. everything out there is for the big drivers.
    im now using a nuance 10" and find it to be a little bit of a muddy dinosaur. any ideas would be appreciated.

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    I think you could use an Dayton RS 8" ported if you want a musical sub. The RS225 isn't really a sub but does go quite low. It may bottom out on T-Rex footstomps and such if you have it to loud but otherwise I think it would make a nice 8". For HT you might try the Quattro 8" with a 120watt plate amp. The quattro is probably the best bang for the buck HT subwoofer driver.

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