I have a Denon AVR-5700 receiver, and just purchased a Marantz D6500 SACD player. I am losing bass output on any SACD or DVD-A source material. Every other format (CD, DTS, etc) through analog or digital coax input works fine. I checked the bass output of the DVD player by plugging it directly into the sub, and get a strong signal (although can't keep it like this because I have no volume control).

I have tried every configuration of speaker size, bass output, etc, and it has not made a difference. If I crank up the volume on the sub all the way, I get a decent amount of bass, but (a) not nearly as much as DTS, and (b) I shouldn't have to manually adjust the gain on the subwoofer every time I want to play SACD or DVD-A.

I have contacted Denon/Marantz, and they are not quite sure. The EXT input for the SACD player output has no control on the receiver...just a straight path.

Has anybody with an older 5700 hooked up a SACD player? If so, any problems with bass output.

Or...does anybody else have suggestions?

I would think that if it were a limitation of the receiver, then there has to be an outfit somewhere that I could send my receiver to to have modifications made (?)

Thanks in advance...