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    Question Need help with choosing active pa-set


    I was wondering maybe you guys could help

    Im interested in buying an active pa-set and i don't know which one
    would be better: MACKIE SRM 450 SET vs DB TECHNOLOGIES OPERA 405 LIVE BUNDLE .

    The difference in price isn't really that different so I don't know
    which one to choose...
    First i was 100% sure to buy a pair of opera 405 live but while browsing i found out the srm 450 set. Does anyone know what would be the main difference between these two speakers?

    Also i would need some help of choosing the correct cables for it; i'd like to connect them to vestax vmc 004 (not fxu...) mixer; it has got only the female rca output so i should get an xlr to rca cable or what? I was wondering what would be better to use a regular xlr cable with rca to xlr so called converter or to buy xlr to rca cable ? Are there any balanced xlr to rca cables tho? Is it even possible? The lenght of the cable should be around 5-10 meters (the longer the better)... Which cable would be best for quality?

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    Hi & welcome

    regarding the PA's, I had a pair of mackie 350's which I found to be pretty decent sounding PA's. They was a constant hum on them due to them being powered speakers; which when playing loudly you don't really notice much... The Opera's you mention i have never heard before, really the only way to know is to actually hear them both; reading reviews can only do so much...

    Make sure you get stands for them as this will help the sound as well.

    cables: i just saw a pic of your mixer and it looks like it has XLR outs...?
    Balanced XLR's are better than unbalanced RCA's.
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