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    mirage om-9 vs psb 6t?

    I am looking to get back in to the speaker thing, this time I want them to be powered by a tube amp of sort. probably a small Manely mahi type.

    well which would be better for music, I want to setup a music room with a nad542 (its on its way now) and tube amp, or pair of mono-blocks and either the mirage om-9 or the psb 6t.
    will a small 25watt tube amp power the speakers enough>?
    i listen to frank sinatra, andre boceilli, slayer, and some rap.

    what is your opinion?

    thank you

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    Yes, 25w will work fine...get the OM9s

    They are built better, sound better (IMHO), and offer a very unique perspective on the music. I've considered a pair, possibly as an HT setup for a living room in the next house. Very good choice for having people over and they can all get some good soundstaging experience.

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