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    this post helped me greatly. thanks and props to all

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    Nothing can make a bad speaker sound good. On the other hand, with a good signal source, a (good) efficient speaker can make a lower powered, less expensive system sound great. There isn't even a need to spend hundreds on cords and massive speaker cables. Your'e putting 100 or so, (maybe), watts into a speaker. Your'e not drawing hundreds of Amps starting your car or Arc welding. How big do you think the wires are inside the amplifier feeding the speaker terminals.(or the output of the curcuit board) What about the wires inside the speakers thenselves? I won't get into the technicle jargon( It would matter more if you were running hundreds of feet of cable) but just think about it. Oh....But It Looks So Cool.

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    Good Question, I'm a noob and I'm learning quite a lot from this forum.

    I came originally with this question in mind for the experts out there.

    I just came across some old speakers Signet SL-260/II which seem promising (haven't tested them out with an amp/receiver yet) and I've been looking for a decent used receiver to match.

    Came home for Christmas, and my dad had a still working Pioneer SX-7 (circa 1982) still in the house that he's willing to donate to me. Seeing how it brings back fond memories of my childhood, I would love to take it with me, but I want to make sure they match given that it's ~ 20lbs.

    The signets recommend 25-150 Watts of power and the pioneer has a 60W power. According to the previous posts in this thread, it seems sufficient....

    would love some more confirmation before a petite little asian hand carries this hefty machine on a plane.

    Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!!

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