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    Klipsch THX ultra 2 system

    anyKlipsch lovers seen this system? the horns look huge! how does it compare with the reference line. I currently have the reference line and i enjoy them immenssly.
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    Yes i seen and listened to it ,it sounded great but i think the saleman said it cost $10,000.000 bucks ,but i could have misunderstood him, I would surely think i could fined something for less money that sounded just as good, I have the klipsch sb-3s for mains and a sc-3 for center and ss-1s for surrounds

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    ten grand?? yikes

    that much for that wow it does look cool but way too pricey for my blood. if anything they are prob geared for mainly home theater. i do love my surround sound but i also love listening to 2 channel stereo cds as well

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    Looks like M & K stuff..

    designed to look like a studio....hopefully a little value for the buck and not all gimmick based on looks....frankly dont like the "sans grill" look when it reveals plastic baffle and plastic driver surrounds....I was a fan of some of the older Klipsch speakers, but new entries looking increasing like a giant plastic mold.....

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    If I remember correctly, the front baffle (or motorboard in Klipschspeak) to this HT model is a solid chunk of aluminum, and not plastic like all the other Reference and Synergy Series Klipsch. I've always been a big Heritage fan myself, which is why I love my 1979 16-ply raw birch Cornwalls so much! The newer horns are made up of a composite/plastic mold, while mine are of metal...the plastic is supposed to eliminate the ringing effect the metal horns are known for, plus they're less expensive to produce (as far as I know).
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    hell it's got horns it has to be good. i've been waiting to hear it the reviews for it are all great. if the price is $10,000 that might be a little steep but for the right horn nothing is too much

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