Thats right, this thread is about thanking you. You know, in case you decide to also run off and leave AR during these times of internal struggle and hardship, i wanted to be sure you read this first.
I came to AR several years ago, when i was buying a B&W 600 system. I then came back and became an official member when i decided to focus on 2-channel audio with my dynaudio system. I Came to AR because i knew that people here were helpful. I was right. From speakers it went to amps and then to cables. Everywhere i got help. Sometimes i didnt hear what i liked, sometimes i even felt insulted. Nonetheless, AR members were awesome when it came dwon to it. Personally i thank Tops, Wooch, Mtry, RG for being so patient with my naivety and sometimes indecisiveness. But these are only names that come to immediate mind. I know that many other people helped out a lot. I even got called a shill once, but i can even forgive that.

Many times i have come home with a headache full of audio questions. Sometimes my questions have been rather absurd "are speakers like tires" comes to mind. Nonetheless i was greated by friendly names and my sometimes absurd questions were entertained by semi-non-judgemental folk. Fellow audiophiles like you.
OK, so now youve read it: Thank You All AR members for making this place a home away from home.