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    Question Infinity BETA 50 Question/Problem

    I just recently bought a pair of infinity BETA 50 fronts and I notice that during movies, music, and even the test tone that the left speaker is not as loud as the right speaker. I am powering the speakers with my Yamaha HTR-5790 a/v receiver. Is this a wiring issue, speaker issue or something else? Any ideas...thanks


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    Do you have a SPL meter, or judging by ear? What are the speaker levels set to? I know on my older Yamaha RX-V2095, the main front level is set by the volume control and balance. The center and rears are adjusted to the mains using level controls from a menu on the front panel display. If yours is the same, you may just need to use the balance control. If you have to deviate very much from center position, I'd start looking at cabling. If cabling looks good switch speakers to see if the problem follows the speaker or the receiver channel. This should narrow the problem to the speaker or the receiver.

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