i posted a couple days ago that the volume on my system mysteriously increased. then i noted a very light hum in tha back ground. taking suggestions i swapped out the source player. reconnected all cables and wires, and relocated the power center.
HOWEVER, i might be crazy because the sound is not where it was. at least, i dont think. there is nothing, per say, wrong with the system as everything checked out ok and no more humming. but i still think it sounds louder than it should (then it did) and i swear that the imaging has changed, slightly, but it has. instead of the singer generally being in the middle (i place speakers in 3:4 triangle) the singer has now mysteriously changed seats to one over to the right. he/she is still in the middle, but leaning to the right. or whatever, i dont know how to explain this, i think i might be going crazy. problem is this is really stating to bother me and im not enjoying the listening experience at the moment. Nothing has changed in my room configuration. I did recently transfer the system to an equipment rack (whearas it used to be stacked on a table).
has anyone ever had a similar experience? if not im going to the hearing doctor. thanx.