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    Cool Crazy Eddies

    This is probably old news to a few of you but I found out today Crazy Eddies is now out of business,it does not suprise me at all as I have heard millions of complaints about them.

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    Thumbs down The Original Crazy Eddies...

    Was in New York City and vicinity in the early to mid 70's. Tney were shut down then for racketeering, fraud and other cute stuff I believe. This new outfit was around for a while. I think the economic downturn is gonna hit a lot of these merchants.. big shake out comin. Look for "Nobody Beats the Wiz" to follow suit (again) real soon.

    Da Worfster

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    Ah yes,. The original Crazy Eddie. His prices were insane....

    .. .and his business practices were too. Well, mebbe not insane but shady to say the least. That's why it took 'em almost 20 years to track him down in Israel after indicting him on fraud when he sold his company and all his inventory was basically empty boxes.

    If you knew what you wanted, knew the going prices, and didn't listen to his salesmen you could get some rightious deals. He was around when the fair trade laws were just busted and you coud get some pretty good gear (particularly Japanese) at really, really good prices. Around here we had him, Druckers and a few others. Mail order had many others as well.

    Ahhh... those were the daze...
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    I bought a lot of merchandise from Crazy Eddie and was always very happy with prices and service. I can not say the same about Druckers or Nobody Beats The Wiz. I haven't seen Druckers around on Rte 1 in Edison for at least 10 years. The Wiz seems to have evaporated too. Other stores I was not happy with which disappeared were Brickchurch and Newmark and Lewis. It seemed to me The Wiz used quite a few unfair business tactics such as bait and switch which would have been illegal in New York. I once coincidently met one of the owners while I was on vacaton in the Carribean and I asked him about it. He said, "unethical, not illegal." Apparantly he had a good lawyer telling him just how far he could go.

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    Yes it is a fine line between unethical and illegal. However I do want to do business with those that are so willing to push the line to the edge. Although you may get some great deals I am always concerned about the times when you have a problem. This is why I tend to deal with the local stores however this is no guarantee that they will be anymore honest. It is amazing how long these questionable people tend to stay in business.

    Twenty-five years ago a Firestone dealer burnt me on a pair of tires for my car. Calling head office was a waste of my time and money. They where not concerned that the bill stated belted bias snow tires and the cheapest bias tires where installed. Head office agreed with the dealership that these where the recommended tires for my car and that they never heard about not missing belted tires with bias. Talk about weird handling even on dry pavement. To say the least I have never bought a pair of Firestone tires since then and even refused to buy a Ford pick up unless they removed and replaced the tires.

    Buyer beware has never been so true.

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