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    How can I turn off the crossover of a sonab subwoofer?

    I have got a receiver from marantz and a subwoofer from sonab and I heard from a lot of people that when you connect a sub to a receiver then a collusion is created between them and as a result the sub wont sound good, the problem is that I don’t know how to turn off the crossover of the sub and at the meanwhile what I did is also worse-that is connecting the large front speakers to the output of the sub.
    So is there a way to turn of the crossover of the sub from the inside circuitry?

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    You pretty much accomplish turning off the crossover by turning the cutoff to the highest possible frequency... With your main speaker connected to the sub though, you don't want to do that.
    What you should be doing with your main speakers is setting them to small ("small" has nothing to do with physical size) and letting your sub handle the frequencies where the mains start to roll-off.
    You can also let the mains run full range and try to let your sub complement them, but it is much more difficult to obtain as flat a response this way in most setups. But you might like more this way more regardless.

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    Thanks I will try that

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