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    High current amp for my B&W DM 604 S3s

    Is there any way to tell in the specs if a receiver delivers a high level of current, or do you have to take the dealer's or manufacturer's word for it? I've got a pair of B&W 604 S3's that I use for mains, along with an LCR 600 S3 center channel. I've just started looking for a receiver or a processor/amp combo that will make these babies shine in two channel as well as for HT. I demoed them with the new Rotel 1067, and it sounded great, but $2300 is a bit more than I'd like to spend for a receiver. The dealer said that the B&Ws sounded so good with the Rotel because it delivers a large amount of current. So I checked out the Rotel's specs, and there is no mention of any current... anybody know how to figure it out? Thanks... Rob

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    If it's using a toroid transformer then possibly. High Current is a marketing gimmick and does not make one amp better than another. Receiver makers like to tout it on occasion - chances are such receivers are lousy and NEED to tout marketing tripe.

    The idea is simply that if you're amp is rated at 100 watts at 8 ohms it is high current(according to the marketing tripe) if the amp doubles the watts(or close as it is impossible to double the watts) at 4ohm(200 watts) and again at 2 ohms(400 Watts) and again at 1 ohm (800 Watts). If it can do that it's high current according to the theory.

    Receivers which are said to be high curent versus some that are not mean nothing as many of the latter are just as good even better than than some that are marketed that way. Most amplifiers can swing high current in a short duration.

    And you would ONLY ever need an amp capable of this if your speakers have a minimum impedence of 1ohm. The B&W's are rated above 4ohms I believe meaning any GOOD amp will drive them just fine. The Rotel will perform better because it's a better amp - nothig to do with the watts or high current though the Rotel can probably manage a low impedence for a LONG duration = better bass and highs where impedence is often an issue with the speaker.

    The Nad is rated to 1 kilowatt(1000Watts) at 1ohm. I'd still take a Sugden A21a at 25 watts into 8ohms and 25 watts at 4ohms. Doesn't double is not high current - but it is class A which trumps the lot and smacks the Nad upside the head in sound. Which is why it's been selling for 30 years and is the longest running amp in history.

    Speaking of NAD though it's no slouch when it comes to power and certainly good bang for your dollar. Might be cheaper than than the Rotel and has AWESOME power for price. You'll have to get past their looks. They make some good receivers such that a receiver can be called good.

    Here are some reviews from Hi-fi Choice - they review level matched in a blind panel. The models are two model years old BUT, the units basically are unchanged except for cosmetics and features. Sort of like GM using the same engine and tranny for 25 years adding a few tweaks - same thing different body molding.

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