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    How do you tell if a receiver has a high current level?

    Is there any way to tell in the specs if a receiver delivers a high level of current, or do you have to take the dealer's or manufacturer's word for it? I've got a pair of B&W 604 S3's that I use for mains, along with an LCR 600 S3 center channel. I've just started looking for a receiver that will make these babies shine in two channel as well as for HT. I demoed them with the new Rotel 1067, and it sounded great, but $2300 is a bit more than I'd like to spend for a receiver. The dealer said that the B&Ws sounded so good with the Rotel because it delivers a large amount of current. So I checked out the Rotel's specs, and there is no mention of any current... anybody know how to figure it out? Thanks... Rob

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    Well, all amplifiers are high current component since they are feeding a low impedance load (speakers). So the question is not whether amplifier is high current or, but rather the quality of "high current" that is delivered to the load. "High current" is more of a marketing term to confuse consumers even more.

    Sign of a good amplifier is adequate RMS rating, with plenty of reserve power (Dynamic Headroom) which is described if dB terms. And of course, with low THD rating (preferably below 0.3%).

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