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    Help Needed Please for Newbie

    Hi all,
    Hopefully after hours of looking on the web, I found a place to help me.
    Anyway I am a serious newbie who only found out about 2 months ago what a difference Hi-Fi seperates make.
    Anyway I have a few questions, Ok I have bought a NAD 320 Bee Amp and a NAD 521 Bee CD Player, and now I need speakers. Now I'm only into Hip Hop music (hey we all have our faults) so I really want speakers with good bass, also 2 other drawbacks, 1) I only have about $300 to $400 to spend and 2) I live in Thailand, the place where I bought my NAD stuff are pushing me to buy AR PS-2262 Speakers, and while I like the sound, the price is about $350 and I have looked on the net and they are priced only $199 in the US. So I've been looking around and have found JAMO and Klipsch speakers, now the specs on the AR's and the cheaper JAMO's E-350 are exactly the same but the Jamo's are only $200 ... my question is if the specs are identical, does that mean that they sound identical. Also there are some more expensive Jamo's E-550,E-650 and E-850 also the X650 which has improved Bass.

    Anyway please give me some advice, although my thai is ok, I don't know much thai talking about speakers. I really want standing speakers, should I stick with the AR or should I go with Jamo ... any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks

    Pete in bkk

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    You would be far better off for the money by going to Pattaya and the hifi shop there. They have locally made Magnet speakers using morel drivers that are better than jamo, and cheaper. They also have monitor audio, and Magnet speakers using Audax.

    KS& sons and the It mall all have hi-fi shops, as does the finnish embassy building.

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    Pete....I also just recently bought the NAD 320BEE and 521BEE and tried many speakers with this system including the Jamo E650. While I liked the 650's, I liked them because they did not have an inordinate amount of bass, not what you're looking for. They were near the top of my list, but, luckily for me, my local dealer had a pair of Energy A5+2's at a bargain price. For what it's worth, I admittedly do not a great ear for music, but that is my opinion on the 650's, a nice smooth sound. Good luck and my humble advice is not to rush into buying something you will regret later. Over a two week period, I tried 7 sets of speakers in my home before settling on the Energy's, which if not for the great deal, were out of my price range, and instead I may have had Jamo's sitting in my living room now. Once again, this is only my opinion and you should listen to them yourself. Good luck....Jack

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    Thanks for the replies Jack and sealed,

    Sealed where exactly in Pattaya is the Hi-Fi shop, and what kind of specs should I be looking at, for about my price range anything below 15,000 baht ($350).I really do not have no clue at all about what I should be looking for.
    Do you know the exact model I should be looking for, I guess you know but most thai speakers I have heard are just tinny, but I'm sure there are specialists.

    Anyway a great excuse to tell the missus that I need a weekend in Pattaya

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    The hifi shop is on the main street (I forgot the name but it's easy to find)

    There is the beachfront road that goes parallel to the beach where royal gardens hotel is.

    There is a parallel road behind royal gardens.

    This road is perpendicular to that, and it goes past the main buddhist temple in town. the hifi shop is a few hundred yards from the beach on the left (same side as the temple).

    For $350 you should be able to score:
    a pair of the Audax two way bookshelves (Magnet) or maybe the Morel. It's possible the two way monitor audio bronze are close to that price. The magnet separates are quite excllent for the money also.

    Never mind "specs" Just listen to them. Any of those speakers works well with 50 watts or more. The audax are smooth, and the morel are more dynamic and detailed.

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