I am looking at upgrading from my old JVC 27" TV to a Widescreen HDTV monitor. I am looking at either the Loewe 30" Aconda for $1400 (which I am told will soon be discontinued) the Loewe 30" Aventos for $1800 with both prices including tax etc... I am comparing those TV's to some 34" mass market sets such at Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba and Phillips with prices ranging from $1200-$2400. The Loewe seems to have the better picture quality but is a bit smaller. Do you think that in the long run I would prefer the better quality or the larger size? Also the Loewe does not have a DVI input. Will that come back to haunt me later on? I am currently running a Marantz DV4000 (non-progressive or component vidio) but that will be upgraded in 2004 possibly to the Denon 2200 universal player. Will the Loewe’s superior processing make up for the lack of progressive scan on my player? Also what do you think of Loewe in general? They are said to be the best CRT televisions available. Thank you for your time and expertise in this matter.

Brad Rogers