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Thread: Good? Bad?

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    Good? Bad?

    I was wondering if these (old) speakers are still considered good by todays standard and about how much they are worth (they sound really good to me)

    The speakers are in large wooden cabinets (24" high, 13" wide, 8" deep) with the large speaker (sub? 6.5" diameter) small speaker (tweeter? 2.75" diameter) and air-intake (cover with dust , 2" diameter) 8 ohms impedance.

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    Do they have a brand name?

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    DOh! yeah, Sanyo

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    Sanyo was never known for its speaker line, and it was (is) considered a low end consumer line in its electronics. That doesn't mean its products are junk, just that its reputation is as a value leader not as a quality leader.

    Currently it makes a well-regarded projector, and I have a Sanyo LD/CD Karaoke machine in my HT.

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