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    Dynaudio Audience 72 vs. Audiovector Mi3

    Hi All

    Im looking for a new pair of speakers to match my Atoll In 100 amp and Atoll Cd80, playing in a 25 sqm room...

    Among many I have cut it down to choosing between Dynaudio Audience 72 and Audiovector Mi3.... They are booth nice speakers, but I haven't had the chance to listen to them together since the dealers are far from each other.... I'm mostly listning to pop rock and blues.... And i do like a nice firm bass
    Does any of you have any comment on these speakers...

    And does any have a comment on the difference between Dyn Audience 72 and 82...
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    The Audience 82 is one of the best floorstanders for sane money out there...I have not heard the 72. The 72 is a two and a half way design whereas the 82 is a three way -- the 82 will play louder and with mor bass -- I am betting it's a better sounding loudspeaker. The other option is the 52 standmount and a sub.

    Still I can't think of a floorstander under $5k off hand that I would say is a better.

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