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    Question Don't know if i'm in the right place, but...

    Don't know if i'm in the right place, but...

    I grew up with a marantz pm700 (8Ohm-95watts & 4Ohm-155watts/ channel) and a pair of Wharfedale 'dovedale 3' speakers.
    Several years ago my father passed the entire stereo-set over to me.
    Like any (amateur) audiophile I never quite got over the sound of those Wharfedales (it seemed so big when I was only 'so' little!).

    For a while now I've been searching the Net for a second pair of these speakers, believing that two pairs can be more than four speakers!
    Ebay was a disappointment!
    I've also contacted the Wharfedale-admin. but they we're unable to help me due to the age of this model.

    They are typical mid/late-seventies speakers (with frequencyfilters, knowing that earlier one's worked without filters!) ! and total enclosure, woven frontpanel, etc. I myself have maintenanced my pair of dovedales wonderfully and handled them with care, they still give an unblemished sound without any flaws.

    I would be ever so grateful if,
    -you can direct me towards an owner of another pair of 'Dovedale 3's' , interested in selling a fully functional pair as unblemished as possible without any technical flaws!
    -you can share with me you're first encounter with (audiophile) sound or your best experiences in the audiophile world

    thx for reading/replying, do remember I am a humble amateur!

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    Dovedale3 Speakers

    I have a pair of these speakers for sal if you wish to contact me.

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    Pssst...hey audiostonpo...come over here...

    This thread is 3 years old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by topspeed
    Pssst...hey audiostonpo...come over here...

    This thread is 3 years old.

    be vewy vewy quiet...

    Can you see that outline of the ghost?
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    Stereophonicfan has not posted since 7/2004 so I do not think he will see this offer.
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    Details, details...

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnMichael
    Stereophonicfan has not posted since 7/2004 so I do not think he will see this offer.
    ...the devil's in the details...

    jimHJJ(...not the first and it won't be the last...)
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