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    Question Bipole or Dipole for side surround?

    Which one would you use for a side (6.1, 7.1) surround - Bipole, Dipole or regular type of speaker?

    Thanks in Advance,

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    ive heard that bipole speakers create a larger sound feild then regular speakers due to the fact they puch air out both sides. and you can place them anywhere.

    my suggestion would be regular or bipole. maybe someone else can narrow it down again from there

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    Bi-pole sit behind the listener and shoot left right and for forward....di-poles sit like regular rears but fire sound from left and right and not forward. With both you have the sound that bounces off the walls to give you a better wrap around.

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    Personally, I've always prefered dipolar speakers over bipolar. To me they sound less obvious, and more enveloping.
    But I prefer basic direct radiating speakers in a 7.1 or 5.1 setup over either dipolar or bipolar surrounds. Especially for multi-channel music. Just personal preference, but many share my sentiments. Make darn sure you test all three types to see what you like best, preferably in your home if possible.

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    I prefer direct radiating surrounds. If I were you, I would audition bipole, dipole, and direct radiating and choose the one that sounds best to you.

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    Here are some references re. bipolar/dipolar

    Quote Originally Posted by r0n
    Which one would you use for a side (6.1, 7.1) surround - Bipole, Dipole or regular type of speaker?
    Note that bi/dipolar both pertain to home theatre applications: Dolby Digital, DTS, THX, not to multichannel hifi, SACD, DVD-A where surround speakers are supposed to be the conventional type, and "equal" to the front speakers.

    These are from Paradigm ... , (towards the bottom of the page)

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    If you have a wall in the back and have room for it, a bipolar tower will give you the benefits of a bipolar surround (diffuse sound) while also providing the benefits of a direct radiator (localization) because one of the driver sets is pointing forward. If you listen to a lot of music this might be the best option, otherwise you might want to consider direct radiators.

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