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    best type of speaker connector?

    What's the best connector/plug type? I probably should have asked this question sooner, as I have already ordered a set of 20 banana plugs, but I was wondering if there is a better connector type.

    These are the ones I ordered:

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    The general concensus, I believe, is that spades provide the best connection...

    I confess, however, that I am a *big* proponent of banana plugs... I can't tell any difference in connection quality (and I have used spades before), and banana plugs are super easy to attach to the speaker terminals. To me, banana plugs are the way to go (and it looks like that is what you did go with...).

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    I prefer bananas myself.

    Particularly on the back of the receiver. In theory, spades are better but in practice it's a moot point. Bananas actually have more surface contact area and they make a tight enough connection that it's more than adequate.

    Again, I love bananas.

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    besides requiring thin, nimble fingers, any other downsides to bare wire?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dean_martin
    besides requiring thin, nimble fingers, any other downsides to bare wire?
    Yeah. One single, solitary, silly stray wire can cause expen$ive problems.

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    I do bare wire in the speakers and bananas in the receivers. Sometimes convenience trumps so-called "best" connection.

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    Elbarono: I actually bought some of those very banana plugs last year...They are among the best I've seen and one heckuva good deal. You'll like them I'm sure, once you get all your wires inserted into the plugs, bananas are a dream...

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    We use the exact same plugs here in the Lab. They have been excellent so far, and they take a beating - beleive me!

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    wow...great source for banana plugs..

    I've been looking around for a cost effective high-quality banana plug for a few weeks now, and this looks like it's going to be about perfect for me.

    Does anyone have any experience using the Locking Banana plugs?

    These would be my preference, as I've had some issues with banana's becoming loose in the back-end of my amp.

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