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    Anyone heard Harbeth?

    Acoustic Sounds announced they are now carrying a line of speakers called Harbeth. They are British and supposed to be in biz since 1977. I haven't heard of them. They have a couple of different lines as many companies do. I just wondered if any of you have heard them.

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    They have made some really nice speakers over the years

    One of the makers of the BBC LS3/5a, a mini-monitor guy favorite.
    Spendor is another good one.

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    Great speakers. The Spendors are a personal favorite. They also make very large monitors the size of floorstanding speakers.

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    I have not but Bob Neill has carried them for years. He recently dropped them for Audio Note but he still likes them and should be able to provide a lot of info about them how they sound etc etc. Harbeth is supposed to be very good - but like all speakers have a sound and like all speakers no matter how well liked by one person won't be by another. He's over on audioasylum. May have more folks there with direct Harbeth experience to boot.

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