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    Question Need Help! Home Theater hook - up.

    New guy.I need help running my components through my receiver.
    This is what I have:
    Pioneer VSX D810S receiver
    Panasonic VCR
    Sony CDP C445 CD player
    Sony DVP NS325 DVD player
    Sony Trinitron flatscreen TV
    Thanks for the help.

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    I will attempt to guide you through your dvd connection since it has both audio and video connections. The VCR will be similiar. If your receiver has digital ins/outs then connect the DVD digital/optical audio out to the receivers DVD digital in using a digital/optical cable. Next connect the DVD video out to the receivers DVD video in using a rca, s-video or component cable depending on which one you have. You then must connect a cable (depends on what you have) from your receivers monitor/TV out to the TVs in. To test, turn on the recevier and select the DVD input. Turn on the DVD player and play a movie. The movies sound should come through your stereo speakers and the image should be on the TV. If you want you can bypass using the receivers video and go straight to the TV. Personally i use the receiver. The VCR hookup will be the same. The difference is that once you connect the receivers monitor/tv out to the TV in you no longer have to make that connection again since it already exists. To tell you the truth you do not have to be an engineer to figure out how to hookup everything. If all else fails read the manual. Good luck! Paul.

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