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    Angry Annoying Subwoofer Hum

    Hi All,

    I am sure there is someone here that could help me with this problem.
    Right out of the blue without warning my subwoofer will give off an annoying hum!!! I have tried correcting the problem by trying 4 different subwoofer cables with and without Y connection, I have also 2 & 3 prong power cords thinking it may be ground loop issue, I notice the hum the most when I wiggle the RCA subwoofer cable.
    I have even tried 2 different receivers, no help.
    Any ideas???

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    i had same problem

    I just hooked up my subwoofer amp to another wall outlet by using an extension cord and surge protector. No more hum. Also you can buy ground loop islotors from home depot and stores of the liking to get rid of it. They cost less then a dollar.


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    I sounds like a loose or poorly shielded connector on the RCA cable. If you can remedy or vary that hum by wiggling around the plug, then I would try a different cable. Since you've already tried swapping out different cables, it might be a connection problem with one of the RCA plugs.

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    I had the same problem...

    I unplugged my VCR from the surge protector power bar I have and now it doesn't make that noise anymore :S weird!

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