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    Advice on bookshelf speakers

    I'm looking to set up a system strictly for music, using an Onkyo 8511, and a nad421 cd. I'm looking through a mind boggling assortment of bookshelf speakers. I mainly listen to hard rock, and metal. I have a budget of $400 for speakers any advice?

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    Listen to everything, not everyone, you can.

    Tastes vary so much in this area that a hard recommendation is virtualy impossible. From what your tastes seem to dictate, perhaps you might want to consider a floorstander with solid bass. Just because it's not a bookshelf doesn't mean it can't sound good. The Athena Audition AS-F1 comes to mind in this area. Solid bass, clean mids and highs and images like anything.

    Check out their site at Consumer reviews of these (and many, many other speakers) are available here and also at

    Ultimately, listen, listen and listen again. Good luck.

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