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    12" 4 Ohm Woofer Info/Help Needed!

    new to your site
    very nice site

    i am an inventor (real job is a plumber)
    i built a nice digital jobsite boombox already (can email pics if requested))

    Boombox is a larger style of the old 80's Breakdance Boomboxes
    All Plexiglass construction w/ a handle
    Has an Ipod for Signal, a 2 channel DJ amp (rack style - on top) w/ a bass blocking crossover (recessed into rear of box) powering 2 Bose Cubes (from a sorround sound set), & a 1 channel Bose Sub plate amp powering a 12" Pioneer Sub

    very heavy/bulky, but nice as hell


    I need info/suggestions about a 12" - 4 Ohm - Handling 350 W RMS woofer (rating of plate amp i will use on next build):
    a good/loud/clear free air woofer or 1 that requires a small volume enclosure
    to be used playing rock/pop type music at meduim to high volume

    im trying to keep the size & weight down on my next boombox; after all it will contain 2 amps, 2 Bose Cubes, crossover, etc.

    trying to make the jobsite boombox smaller/lighter/better etc.

    any info is much, much appreciated
    eric m. wagner

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    Woofer or sub-woofer? I am going to assume sub.

    Lots of choices here.

    I would go with this one for it's great sound quality.

    This one for more output

    Or this one for just sheer power.

    There are better drivers out there, but these represent a good bang for the buck.
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    I don't know how a 12" woofer would sound with Bose cubes. The Bose woofers are smaller, partially because the cubes have a very limited frequency range. A 12" woofer probably would leave a large "hole" in frequency response between what the woofer and Bose cubes could produce. The result would probably be a thin sounding system that's missing the all-important midrange.

    You might want to look at smaller woofers and build ported boxes to the recommended specs for the woofers... or look at some kind of 2-way speakers with 6 1/2" or 8" woofers to replace the Bose cubes. Possibly 6" x 9" or other coaxial car speakers...

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