My friend downloaded this and burned a copy for me. It sounds very good with a tasteful and mostly subtle surround mix (as I prefer) except for where it's appropriate, such as the intro of "Welcome To The Machine". According to the link it's sourced from a remastered CD but if so what's the point in making this 96kHz/24Bit? Well, whatever. No one will complain about the sonics. Also in the link it says it's a 5.1 mix but there is no LFE actually. My only complaint is a minor one, namely, why is this broken down into only three chapters? I wouldn't mind "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" set up as two long tracks bookending the album but only "Have A Cigar" is a separate track here with "Machine" attached to the first parts of "Shine On" and "Wish You Were Here" with the end parts.

Okay, nevermind that. It's free and is very nicely done. If you have time for the long download go for it.