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    Hey, so with all the buzz (almost pun intended) about the new Green Day album, I almost bought a copy over the weekend, cause they're practically giving it away. But I didn't. Cause to be honest, I don't really like Green Day all that much. But I did pull out Singles Going Steady and wonder if there would even be a Green Day without the Buzzcocks? I think not. What a classic. Essential? I think so. Opinions?

    Followed it up with Gang of Four's Entertainment! Wow, what a one-two knockout combination!

    I know, pretty silly post. I just like to see my name in print, so what else is new

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    Singles Going Steady is one of my favorite all time records. As far as I am concerned, there would be no pop punk thing without the Buzzcocks. I can't say if that is good or bad, but they were certainly a great band. Got a chance to see them live long ago, and they were wonderful in person as well.

    Ever Fallen in Love is just about a perfect song.

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    I dig 'em

    The Buzzcocks are great.
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