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Thread: "These go to 11"

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    "These go to 11"

    Dropped my son at the airport this morning - off to college. Wife and daughter doing college tours. Time to crank it.

    Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs, Friday Music reissue. While Friday often gets slammed for their less than stellar reissues, this is the exception. Deep bass, excellent soundstage. hiss free.

    Jimi Hendrix - Cry of Love. Hendrix died before this was issued, but a fantastic evolution of his sound. Sony reissue is mastered from original tapes and sound quality is excellent.

    I am sure Nigel Tufnel would approve.
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    Bridge of Sighs needs a good remaster. I have the CD which sound is acceptable, I picked up a used LP it wasn't any better, I had given up thinking it just wasn't treated well in the studio. I really love the album though.
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    I am pretty happy with the SQ of this Friday Music reissue. Both the bass and midrange is rich and full ( by my standards) and the highs are not rolled off. I have not had any cd's of this - my last copy was bought in high school. If you want to hear this in vinyl, I recommend this version.

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