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    Thanks, Merge Records...

    for including a free download coupon in your new LPs. I downloaded M. Ward's Post-War using the coupon included inside the LP. The new Arcade Fire 180 gram double LP will reportedly include a coupon for one free download, too.

    note for technophiles - bit rate for Post-War tracks is 192kbps.

    Any other record companies doing this?

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    Wilco did it for A Ghost Is Born (3 live tracks + 2 non-album tracks 160 kb/s) and Calexico did it for Garden Ruin (3 live tracks + 1 non-album track 256 kb/s).

    NP: Joe Jackson - Look Sharp! (haven't heard "Got The Time" in forever )
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    I think all LP should include a small disc of 320kbp files of all the tracks. That way more kids will buy music and be able to fill their plastic players.

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