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    The Steely Dan Controversy Revisited in '05

    Everything Must Go came out in 2003 and it was very controversial on this board. Was it great or was it boring old trash.

    Well, has anyone listened to it in the past year, or has it been thrown into the dustbin of history?

    I just gave it a spin, and it still doesn't do much for me. Yeah, it's well recorded, but I think ***an and Becker are trying to be too cool for their own good. Give me another Royal Scam anyday. I'll even settle for Aja.

    When it's time for everything to go, this one won't be landing in the keeper pile.

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    Yeah, they've mellowed in their old age haven't they.

    Pretty safe album. Bordering on smazz a bit.

    Enjoyable for what it is. I admit, it's got a bit of a groove but I do long for the Dan of old.


    Oh, btw, first spin in a year or so. At least.
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    Crap and if there next isnt old dan that everybody wants,they just might fade away to house of blues and Las Vegas.
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    SD ain't what they used to be for sure. Last albums are ho-hum bigger than Dallas.

    I love the old albums tho. Aja, Gaucho, et al are killer.


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    hey man...

    if anyone got that cd they wanna swap let me know...

    peace, pogue
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    Can't say that it's my favorite Steely Dan album, but it has its moments. The basic sound is more reminiscent of recent efforts like Two Against Nature and F*agan's Kamakiriad. In fact, I think that all three albums sound more like continuations of one another, with Kamakiriad probably having the most high points of the three. For whatever reason, the one Steely Dan tune that really sticks with me is "Glamour Profession" from Gaucho. Their more recent stuff has a very different feel from that song.

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    Hey! Over here!

    I like it, but

    its definately not up to their standards. Its got its moments. I like the songs LAST MALL, PIXELEEN, and the title track, maybe even BLUES BEACH.

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