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    Hey! Over here!

    Rceommend Prog DVDs please//new toy

    I just got a new toy; a portable DVD player w/ 7" LCD screen. I watched Led Zep's latest DVD on it last night. Man oh man, this is the Zep everyone should see instead of the horrible Song Remains The Same movie. I also own the Symphonic Yes DVD. This a great way to watch these for me, since my >loser step-son< has moved back in with us, I had to give-up my HT room for a while.

    I've heard about some of the DVD concert offering from bands like Dream Theatre and Spock's Beard and King Crimson. I probably will only buy one of these at a time, if at all.
    Just so I don't have to dig through the archives, can anyone elaborate on these discs? Or maybe you could recommend some others. Non prog concert recs are also welcomed.

    Thanx a bunch and Happy New Year!

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    You won't go wrong with any of these:

    Some great concert DVD's you'll want to see

    All are great, so chose youself which one is more suitable for you.


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    PALLAS - The Blinding Darkness

    Kansas - DVD

    Roger Waters - In the Flesh

    Nektar Live

    Steve Hackett - Tokyo Tapes

    or The Flower Kings dvd.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave_G
    The Flower Kings dvd.

    Can't wait to hear/see thisun.

    elf pee

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    priority purchase

    DREAM THEATER -- Live at Budokan.

    First disc is an April, 2004 concert that is very, very well-recorded (as opposed to previous DT DVDs). It is over two hours of "rock" solid performance, from all 4 instrumentalists. Lead vocals are done well too.

    Second disc is the bonus materials; very interesting as a "day-in-the-life" peep into DT's concert preperation habits, as well as, incredibly detailed reviews of the equipment requirements of Petrucci and Rudess.

    Five stars !

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